SEO + Copywriting: The Formula Of The Websites That Sell

Man in Black Dress Shirt Holding Pen and Macbook ProSO and copywriting are two apparently unrelated digital marketing techniques, but they actually have a lot to say to each other: the combination of both is key to getting results.

That writing for SEO or, instead, writing for Google’s algorithms are excellent. Or at least it was because now you will see that the trends are different. But be careful: we must not confuse SEO copywriting with SEO writing or SEO content. SEO copywriting is a writing method, almost a philosophy, that prioritizes the user much more than traditional SEO techniques.

What is the merger of copywriting and SEO?

The answer to this question is straightforward if we think of an example of the artist who creates an outstanding collection of art that hides in the corner of his room and allows it to accumulate dust. The same will happen with the copywriter if he does not use SEO to bring out his work.

Thus, the main objective of combining these two disciplines is to achieve more and better results. Whether a website is very well worked at the level of copy and has a high conversion but is not well-positioned, or if it is very well positioned but significantly neglects the interest and motivation of the user, the results will not be optimal.

Get a natural link building.

Woman in White and Black Shirt Sitting on Chair Using ComputerOne of the techniques that give more work to an SEO is link building since it is the most effective way to gain relevance through linking other reference websites.

But the reality is that you can make this happen naturally by creating quality content. And be careful, I’m talking about quality content for users, not for you, since in this way, it will also be qualified for Google and will be susceptible to being shared. With that shared content and greater visibility, you will be contributing to a long-term improvement of the positioning of the entire website.

Ode to business opportunities 

The more we know about the people behind the screen and the better we take advantage of online resources, the better results we will obtain. Thanks to an exhaustive investigation of each topic (oriented to the buyer person), we include other related keywords of the different pains and needs. We expand the semantic range of the website, opening up business opportunities.

Natural and direct tone

One of the most vital points of copywriting is to directly and naturally appeal to the user to take any action without feeling that they are “selling something.” Here lies the most significant complication of SEO copywriting.

This is only achieved by attacking your pains and providing solutions to the needs you have, and that we know because we have investigated the market. We naturally speak from you to you (in fact, it is highly recommended to speak in the second person singular throughout the text). We always close with a Call To Action: direct, easy to understand, and very clear.